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2011/06/30 (Thu)


Sky has fishes.

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2011/06/07 (Tue) Ah,ah,ah It happened

Eh eh eh--

Remember the lil lil' guy yesterday? Yes, he

Yesss he is in my house nowww (o A o)/

This everning I came back home and I see him at the backyard, yes the backyard -7- I have no choice but took him to the house.


Rabi was very angry but in the end he looks after him ahah =7="

I think its fate~

Heh afer all I cant know his name because he's sleeping all the day and didn't say anything =v=" Will ask him tomorrow then.

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2011/06/06 (Mon) Day 4


Beautiful heh?

Wonder who was that little little guy.
Anyway, red and blue are suit each other quiet well =v=

And, everyday it's rain, rain, rain! See, the dry season's coming =~=" Rabi seem unhappy every time it's rain =~=

But I love rainy days so it OK through <3

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2011/05/31 (Tue) itsgreattomeetyou


Took that pic when I live in that person's house.

Just a few days but I love your smile.

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2011/05/17 (Tue) Day 3

A rainy rainy day again~

guess the wet season is coming very close.

Why did I have to take a pic of Rabi's foot? = 3 =---
Agh ~~ You over there, don't laugh :(( Just because I don't have a footttt :(((


Ah, Sian Sian~~ o r o/

Wa~ A scarf~~ Very nice~~~ *thumbs up*

Well well, let's us go to school with you Sian-chan ~~

Btw, a gift to everyone~ for a rainy rainy day~~

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